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Victoria Collette Jones

My name is Victoria Collette Jones and I have an active interest in Bitcoin. 

Through my research. I have come to understand why Bitcoin is important and it’s ability to change the world. 

Once you learn everything I am now able to teach you. You too will be stunned by how deep the story goes and how wide the implications are. 

Introduction to Bitcoin

My introduction to Bitcoin occurred in 2016. At the time I was running my own boutique dental business. Although I didn’t know back then, I had started this business at the beginning of a Great Financial Crisis – December 2007. 

The challenges and difficulties of sustaining a capital intensive start-up and bringing it to profit were eye-opening and challenging. It meant starting a new professional endeavour. While also recovering from the local ramifications of a worldwide financial disaster. 

This made me deep-dive into the problems in the financial system. 

Financial System Problems

By doing this I came to understand new ways in which I could accept payments from my customers. As a result, I understood that I could now build resilience into my business and protect it. I was now aware of inflation and the damage this can do to the wealth of a person, a business, and an entire economy. 

The dynamics of the current financial system are a ticking time bomb. I came to realise, this would undoubtedly manifest itself as a bigger problem in the economy of the UK and also the rest of the world. 

In my search for a solution, I came across Bitcoin. 

Financial Investment

My understanding of Bitcoins value prompted me to invest £5,000 in the summer of 2016 which had turned into a cool £150,000, 18 months later in December 2017. Although this later dropped to £30,000 in December 2018.

Yes, the price of Bitcoin has dramatic highs, and also lows, which the traders love. This is due to the still early stages of this new asset class. But the technology still has much further to go and as I will show you, has much more value to deliver.

Technology For The Future

In understanding the technology and the economics behind Bitcoin, I believe it is possible for every person to benefit. By growing their personal wealth and their business wealth for the future in a sustainable way. There are many reasons why the whole of society will benefit from this too. 

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This book summarises the story of my introduction to Bitcoin, it’s benefits as a payment method for businesses, and my view of it’s importance for the future. 

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