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Resources For Individuals

Below I have listed some resources that I have found useful in my own Bitcoin journey. I trust that you will find them helpful.

Where to Buy Bitcoin


This exchange is a great place to start for people completely new to Bitcoin. It is where I began my journey some years ago now and it still offers a great user interface that is easy to navigate. Be aware though, that you don’t really want to store your Bitcoins here long term. The exchange fees are relatively expensive and it is easy to be distracted into buying coins or tokens that are not Bitcoin. If you are completely new to cryptocurrency, become familiar and comfortable with Bitcoin before you try anything else.

How to Store Bitcoin


Once you have purchased your Bitcoin on an exchange, it is possible to keep them there, but not recommended long term. In order to hold your Bitcoin in your own possession and under your own control it is advisable to store them on a hardware wallet. One of the best known brands is Trezor. The link below takes you straight to the place where you can buy one!