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Blockchains & Distributed Ledger Technology

Bitcoin was the original innovation to introduce Blockchains to the world. As the idea captured the imagination of software developers worldwide, they evolved the idea and developed other Blockchains and Digital Ledger Technologies.

With any innovation, there will be positives and negatives. In this video, I explain the nature of these alternative technologies. What you need to know about them, and why and how they could impact our world.

As you enter the Bitcoin community, you will often hear these technologies referred to with derision. Clearly, many are unimpressed with how these ideas distract from Bitcoin as an innovation in money.

Suppose we are to solve the current issues in the financial system. In that case, we need Bitcoin as a form of sound money, not another insidious replacement for the existing financial system. Humanity is at a turning point; what will we choose?

Play Video about Smart Contracts

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