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Is The Bull Run Over?

Welcome to the Bitcoin rollercoaster! Are you enjoying the ride?

After running from a price of $20,000 to $40,000 in the space of three weeks, the price of Bitcoin has taken a breather, crashing down to $30,000, and has settled at about $34,000 as I write this newsletter.
Such movements are to be expected with Bitcoin. Those of us who have been around for a while have seen it all before. Check out the two charts below which compare January 2017 with January 2021, when Bitcoin last broke its all-time high.
Bitcoin charts

If you are worried about what Bitcoin is likely to do for the rest of the year, perhaps Bitcoin’s 2017 chart will reassure you…

3yr chart

We are living at an extremely unusual point in history. It is difficult to appreciate the magnitude of what is changing, as we are right in its midst.

So few understand how money really works and the subsequent power this has on the quality of our lives and the lives of those around us. We have been lulled into a false sense of security with our money, thinking that as long as we are careful with the management of it and keep some aside for a rainy day, then everything will be ok…
This might have been what our parents and grandparents taught us, but the issue has become so much more complicated than that. These days without professional help to manage our savings and without good advice on where to invest, our lives rest precariously on a treacherous foundation, the base of which could crumble at any moment.
Few realise that the base of our lives has been crumbling under our feet for over 100 years now, through the mismanagement of our money. Governments use clever and complicated sounding words like ‘quantitative easing’’fiscal stimulus’, and more recently ‘furlough payments’ to help us feel comfortable that they know what they are doing, and that they have our best interests at heart.
Good sound money leads to a prosperous and fair society. Many don’t realise that this no longer exists in our existing financial system.
Bitcoin was created to solve this problem. It is widely acknowledged that the anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto clearly had profound knowledge, not only of how to design software, but of how finance and economics work, and the problems that have occurred as a result throughout history.
Gold vs German Marks

The management of our money is what gives governments around the world the source of their power, if anything disrupts this they are doomed. So don’t expect them to be a fan of Bitcoin and be supportive of its price, but it’s destiny, I believe, is inevitable.

The world is about to change – will you, your family, and friends be changing with it?
Until next time enthusiasts!
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